Perrine Vilmot's oil painting is an invitation to peregrination as it consists in colourful thus sweet visits of a variety of situations.

Without any kind of sauciness, Perrine sets her caring look on the surrounding world. 

We are deeply involved in her pure, sensitive and authentic vision. 

Her paintings are quiet, poetic and smooth instants that carry either the strength of daily life, either the surprise of uncommon situations.

Through her "lives from above", the artist watches, examines, gazes to reveal what is ineffable.

We are surprised, moved, enamoured by those dives into daily or exceptional scenes which resonate in the soul.

In the middle of the crowd, there is the individual, the oversea, the outstanding and the unique. 

In her pieces, the artist brings a couple, a being to the front of the scene, and backs their presence to make it more intense. 

Everything is in its right place in this powerful disposition. 

We look with the artist for the difference, the novel, a sign in the universe of the ways we cross as if we were softly looking for happiness.